User portals

User portals

 The CBCUV has several portals at the service of users. In them, it is possible to update your data, access public or private information, etc.

List of available portals

Through this portal you can access the on-demand courses offered by the Chair, as well as register for the online workshops and webinars that are held.

In this portal you can access the relevant events of the chair, information about the participants, event forums, documentation, ticket reservations, and advice for participation.
It is possible to interact with the CBCUV community participating in the events, either through this microsite or by downloading an app for iPhone or Android.

In this portal you can find our listings and apply to internship offers, final degree dissertation or Master's projects, job offers, etc.

Candidates who apply to internship offers, projects, employment, etc., can update their personal data stored in the job portal of the chair, access the status of their applications, and interact with our team of coordinators.

Organizations that propose internships, projects, etc., can access their data stored in the chair's portal, modify them, view the profiles of the candidates assigned to their internships, and interact with the team of coordinators.

Third party organizations, such as universities, recruitment companies, etc., can access our platform to manage the candidates proposed for our company internships.

In our help portal you can access information about our work procedures, extended information, etc.
There is a public and a private access mode for registered users.
Also through this portal it is possible to send tickets to the support team, and follow-up on their status.