Template email Follow up after First Call

Template email Follow up after First Call

Dear NAME:
It was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday. For any topics we may collaborate on in the future, here you have both the Chair's and my direct contact information : NAME & LAST NAME, LinkedIn URL, personal phone number if needed
Website: http://cbcuv.com Tlf: +34 961154221

As I mentioned in the call, the objective of the Chair is to disseminate the knowledge of an emergent technology, the "use of chatbots applied to efficient communications between businesses or organizations, and people. This involves concepts that are already familiar to everyone, such as WhatsApp, FB Messenger, etc., but from a professional use perspective. Our aim is to help improve the competitiveness of the Valencian economy, and to this end, we are boosting the knowledge of specific directly applied methodologies, and the potential of conversational chatbots in the production sector in general, and in the businesses of Vinaroz in particular.

This year, we have set ourselves the goal of contacting a hundred organizations, from different countries and in different languages, that are interested in participating in our in-person or online events.

To this end, we would like to propose to Vinalab the possibility of holding a workshop with the aim of sowing a seed that can grow into the development of new jobs, new business opportunities and new markets for the area of activity related to your organization.

You can see similar events already scheduled on the website http://events.cbcuv.com
You can read about the organization as well as the logistics in this post. https://cbcuv.com/organizar-un-taller-chatbots

With warm regards,

Conversational Business Chair

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